Sell Your Used EV.

List your car for free on EVsnap, an EV-only used car marketplace.

Reach interested buyers by promoting your listing on Facebook with a single click.

We'll hand-tailor your ads to target people insterested in buying your car in your area.

List Your EV For Free

How We're Different


List your car to people who are looking specifically for EVs.

Why list on a platform where people are looking for gas-guzzlers?

Simple Pricing

It's completely free to list (while in beta). Your listing will stay up until it is sold.

Optionally pay $50 to create a promotion on Facebook.

Sell Faster

Take advantage of Facebook's powerful ad targeting by promoting your car with a single click. No Facebook account needed.

For $50 we will create an ad that targets people in your area interested in your make and model.

No Spam

We take spam seriously. Before someone can contact you, they have to sign up. All communication happens through our platform.

Once you sell your car and you mark it as sold, we cut off all communication.

How It Works

For Sellers

  1. 1. List your EV publicly for free
    • - Free to list while EVsnap is in Beta
  2. 2. Promote your EV on Facebook and Instagram for $50 (optional)
  3. 3. Check your email for inquiries

For Buyers

  1. 1. Browse EVs in your area
  2. 2. Contact sellers through our chat interface
  3. 3. Check your email for responses